Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Found! New black flats!

So, I have been on the hunt for the past few months to replace my most worn shoes, my black flats. They were a necessity purchase while on vacation because my feet were aching and I didnt have any flat shoes with me, so... long story short, I popped into a Bakers (first and only time I've bought shoes there) and I found my shoe staple. Fast forward 2 years, and theyre about ready to retire to say the least.

Ive been on the hunt for replacements for a while now.. do I go patent? Do I want a design? A logo a la Tory Burch?

Alas, the hunt is over. DSW.com has come to my rescue -- Blowfish Spritz Knot Flat

Under $50 AND free shipping! :)

I promise to post a picture when they arrive! I'm also going to post my other recent purchases too... Im just lazy, apologies ;)

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