Wednesday, September 23, 2009

My latest damage

I've been on a shopping kick lately, and with the Holidays quickly approaching I've decided a shopping ban is much needed.

Here are my recent purchases:
Old Navy Diva Skinny Jeans. Never thought I'd actually LIKE a pair of skinny jeans let alone wear them. These are actually really comfortable and flattering. And they were only $19! I had to, really.
Crisp Wings Blouse from Anthropologie. I have been stalking this top for ages, and it finally went on sale! I snagged it for $39, and now it's unavailable. Phew!
I also picked up the Idyll Respite Necklace from Anthro, it's a great piece to jazz up a simple outfit. I wore it today with the Odette V Neck I reviewed yesterday.
Chanel Jade nail polish. It's Chanel, it's nail polish, and it's green. Need I say more?

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JGIWC said...

I LOVE that nail polish!