Friday, July 24, 2009

And so it begins... my weight loss battle.

I have been trying to lose the same 30 lbs for as long as I could remember. Every year, every summer, every major event I resolve to "get healthy and drop the weight". Yet, I lose a couple pounds and then I find an excuse to slack off and go right back into the same pattern.

Well this time, I am holding myself accountable to you, and the world.

I'm going to start my goals realistically, in smaller increments so as not to discourage myself. My first goal is to BE HEALTHY.

This includes:
-- NO POP! Pop is my weakness, and even though I enjoy Coke Zero, it only makes me want the real stuff, too. No more, water water everywhere!
-- WORK OUT! I joined Curves 2 months ago, and while I average about 3 days a week, I am going to push this up to 5 days.
-- MORE FISH! I love fish, but for some reason have not been eating it lately, and I know it makes me feel, and look a lot better.
-- NO SHOPPING! Not until I stick to this, can I reward myself.

I will keep you posted with my meal/exercise plans. I can't wait to finally kick my own ass into shape. :)

1 comment:

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