Wednesday, October 21, 2009

PLEASE let this movie happen!!

Angelina and Gucci!? And Leo, too! OH MY.

This movie just made my 13 year-old self scream with joy. PLEASE let this happen, movie Gods!

According to Variety:
Scott, Jolie join for 'Gucci' drama

Ridley Scott is in discussions with Angelina Jolie for a femme fatale role in "Gucci," a drama about murder and decadence in the Gucci fashion dynasty.

Fox 2000 is fashioning a 2010 start date for the film, and Scott is talking with Jolie to play Patrizia Reggiano, who was sentenced to 29 years in jail for plotting the murder of her ex-husband, Maurizio Gucci.

Pic is a priority for Fox 2000's Elizabeth Gabler and Carla Hacken, with Scott Free and Giannina Facio producing.

The studio is about to hire a scribe to rewrite the drama that recaptures the glamorous days of the Gucci family dynasty in the 1970s and '80s, when the family was selling $500 million in product annually. Squabbles hobbled the clan until Maurizio, the grandson of founder Guccio Gucci, came out on top of a power struggle to run the family business. Just when he was about to reestablish the brand name by debuting a line designed by newcomer -- and now film director -- Tom Ford, Maurizio was gunned down in front of his Milan apartment in 1995.

There are moving pieces in the film, as the script is still being developed and Scott needs to lock down an actor to play Maurizio. The director has approached his "Body of Lies" star Leonardo DiCaprio, but he is not attached at this point.

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