Thursday, November 5, 2009

Band Aid Friction Block will change your life

This item has literally changed my life. A million thank you's to GiGi for recommending it!

Band Aid Friction Block is a miracle worker, ladies. As we all know, the first day of wearing a fab new pair of shoes is quite literally, torture. Blisters, aches, pains, you know the drill. Well, our savior is here! I put this on to break in new heels and not ONE blister after a whole day! Sure, I wasnt walking miles in them, but this is momentous considering the usual state of my feet after Day One.

AND! You can use it to prevent any other instances of chafing or skin rubbing. This would have come in handy when I was walking around Las Vegas in 108 degree heat in a skirt. Needless to say, anything to prevent hot skin rubbing on hit skin would have been GREAT.


AppGal said...

I totally agree. This stuff is amazing. It's saved my heels and toes on many an occasion!

Luci said...

It really is! I just wish I knew about it earlier :)