Monday, November 23, 2009

Holiday Gift Guide: Brother

Every year I say I'm going to have my Christmas shopping finished early, but lo and behold I'm stuck at the mall on Christmas eve scrambling for a thoughtful gift. Well, not this year! I'm actually checking things off my list with a vengeance.

First up, my brother. Not only do we share a birthday, (he's 3 years younger) but it's two days after Christmas! So I always try to do well by him, and get a great gift. This year, he really wanted a camera. And lucky me, Slickdeals posted a helluva deal today: Fujifilm 10 mp Camera, 2GB memory card, and camera case for $80!

Additional gift ideas for Brother(s):
- A good bottle of Whiskey
- Hoodie, jersey, or hat of their favorite sports team: GO STEELERS!
- Nose and ear hair trimmer (seriously, what guy doesn't need this!)
- Portable Grills

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