Wednesday, August 5, 2009


A man walked into an LA Fitness right outside of Pittsburgh last night, went into the cardio room, turned off the lights, and starting shooting. As of this afternoon, 4 women are confirmed dead and 9 other wounded.

My Mom and Aunt go to this gym. Thank GOD, none of them were there last night. Being in Raleigh, the moment I heard about it (on Twitter of all places!) I was a mess. I called my Mom in a panic, but she was home completely oblivious to what happened. She immediately called my Aunt and she was okay, too. I logged into Facebook to see that a girl I went to college with was supposed to be in the class the killer shot in to. Amazingly, she was tied up and unable to attend class. Her fiance was at the gym, but on the other side and escaped unscathed.

Another friend was neighbors with one of the victims. She was an older woman who lived alone, and another neighbor had to identify her.

I am still in a state of shock and disbelief. This man, in his selfishness took away not only lives of innocent women, but our piece of mind.

He had a blog, that you could only view if you correctly guess his birth and death date. Obviously, no one had read it before today. He blamed women, and his lack of a girlfriend or sex since 1982 for his misery. He hated the world, and planned to do this since November 2008, even taking a loaded gun to the gym on a previous occasion but "chickened-out". He blamed his absentee Father, and his bullying older brother for a life of solitude. Apparently there are 30 million single women in this country, and they all rejected him, so it CAN'T be his fault! He works out, he takes care of himself!

I've heard people say they feel bad for him. I am not one of those people. If this man had no self-worth and couldn't go on living, then fine, take your own life. But to plan a brutal attack on innocent women because you can't get laid? Screw that. You are NOT going to heaven, Jesus is NOT waiting for you at the pearly gates, and God is NOT forgiving you. You sir, will rot in hell for all of eternity. F*ck yourself.

My thoughts and prayers to the victims and their families.

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