Monday, August 17, 2009

Mad Men Season 3 Premiere Recap

- Don kept it in his pants for oh, say 1 trimester while Betty is pregnant?
- Don's biological Mother was a hooker who died in child birth. His Father had an affair with this woman, and raised him with his wife, who resented him until his death. Don was also made to feel he was a burden. Now it alll makes sense, no?
- Sal finally gets a piece! But the fire alarm pulls the ultimate cock block. Love that Don is accepting of his lifestyle, but also watching out for him.
- Pete vs. Ken! And Pete is suuuuch a petulant child!
- Don't marry him, Joan! Also, daaaamn gurl those curves are amazing.
- Of course the new male secretary has his own female secretary. Of course.
- London Fog!
- People actually DO drink warm milk? Interesting....
- I need more Peggy and Joan!

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