Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Mad Men Season 3 Premiere Party

The hotness that is Mad Men showcased itself last night at the Season 3 premiere party in NYC, and good GOD it needs to be the 16th already!

Christina Hendricks can do no wrong! That dress is stunning, and it hugs her curves perfectly. The girl crush rages on.
Jon Hamm: Don Draper himself. He was brought to this earth to wear suits for us. Fact.
January Jones aka Mrs. Don Draper is always beautiful, but this dress isn't doing much for her. Loving the eyeliner, though.
Elizabeth Moss and Fred Armison make such an adorable couple! I love the sea green of this dress and how it makes her eyes pop.
Oh Pete Campbell, how I love to hate you. I hate you enough to not care what your real name is.

Images via Jezebel.com

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